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[ISAffiliate = Internet Saver Affiliate] great on-line advertising (web) software from the I Compare Buy and Internet Saver [U.K.] to give ´you´ the ability to make money without any technical experience. This software lets ´you´ modify, amend, analyse ´your´ site from any where in the world, without any additional software needed, but a web browser. It's simple, but powerful tools will let ´you´ customise many features to improve and target ´your´ visitors. The software is constantly updated to include new and better features for new and existing customers. The software can be added to existing or new web sites.


ISAffiliate is a new affiliate software written and designed by John Fallis, to power online dynamic advertising (XML data feeds) to make members money/cash directly with any affiliate supplier, the software was developed to improve my web skills. All the work is optimised for search engines and validated by The World Wide Web Consortium to ensure most web browser can use the site, I.E. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, and Apple Safari, including mobile browsers. I decided to created ISAffiliate to improve my programming skills and gain web development experience more that making money, but during this period I have seen a nice profit margin, anyone that whats to take advantage of ISAffiliate, please sign-up.

The most important difference between ISAffiliate and others:

  1. Free software support
  2. Free software updates
  3. New modules and features
  4. Request your own affiliate data feeds *Currently unavailable*
  5. Online control panel for multiple domain names
  6. Search engine optimised (SEO); and more!


Everyone knows Google AdSense and Kelkoo! Produce a powerful site with ISAffiliate.

John Fallis hold copyright to the software.

Limited Offer: One free year hosting when you sign-up today...

Normal Web Host Price: $ 99.99 (£ 49 or € 70 Approx.) P/M

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From $ 99.99 (£ 49 or € 70) per annum.

This service is currently available for Europe and U.S. market.

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Web Software Information

  1. Version: 0.2. - Released: October 2007
  2. AJAX Introduction.
  3. Search Engine Optimised [SEO] (XHTML) - Saving 'you' money!
  4. Web Analytics.
  5. Web Profile Amendments.
  6. Dynamic META Tags and Page Title
  7. Template Styles including CSS.
  8. Current Affiliates: Google AdSense and Kelkoo!

Fixes / Updates

  1. Kelkoo: Improved Paging.
  2. Kelkoo: Intelligent Affiliate Category Matching.
  3. Kelkoo: Improved search results
  4. Admin: HTML Code Colour chart (User friendly)
  5. Admin: Bulk domain list import.
  6. Admin: Help Tool Bars.
  7. Admin: Improved overall Admin Control.
  8. Source: Disabled swearing and adult material.
  9. Source: Optimised Programming code (Estimate 36% increased loading time)
  10. Admin: Added admin panel for more control.
  11. Misc: New sign-up process.
  12. Misc: More...

How-to Start

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  3. Purchase Licence @ $ 99.99 (£ 49 or € 70) per annum.

Within minutes you'll have a fully customised advertising portal, with frequent updates to improve the overall functions and new tools.

Terms and Conditions

Internet Saver
Web Site and (Virtual) Dedicated Server Service Agreement

This Web Site and (Virtual) Dedicated Server Service Agreement ("Agreement") is by and between ("Internet Saver"), a/an Internet Saver project, and you, your heirs, assigns, agents and contractors ("You") and is effective as of the date of electronic execution. This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of Your use of Internet Saver's Web Site and (Virtual Dedicated) Server services (collectively, the "Services") and represents the entire agreement between You and Internet Saver. By using the Services, You acknowledge that You have read, understand and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, along with any new, different or additional terms, conditions or policies, including the Universal Terms of Service which Internet Saver may establish from time to time. Such Agreements may be found here.

In addition to transactions entered into by You on Your behalf, You also agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement for transactions entered into on Your behalf by anyone acting as Your Agent, and transactions entered into by anyone who uses the account You've established with Internet Saver, whether or not the transactions were in Your behalf. You acknowledge that Internet Saver's acceptance of any application made by You for services provided by Internet Saver will take place in the United Kingdom and subject to U.K. Law. In the event that You are using ad-supported hosting (during trial period), You further acknowledge and agree that as adequate consideration for Internet Saver providing You with the Services at no cost to You, Internet Saver shall have the right to place certain advertisements on Your web site. The advertisements shall be based upon the content of Your web site and may include, but are not limited to, advertisements of Your competitors. If You do not desire that such advertisements are placed on Your web site, then You may purchase the Services at Internet Saver's current rates.

1. Description of Service

Internet Saver currently provides the Services to its customers for a annual fee. Internet Saver will host an affiliate portal web site using Internet Saver Services and Products, provided, however, You abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein and in each of Internet Saver's policies and procedures.

License of Your website content

Internet Saver grants to You, and You accept from Internet Saver, a non-exclusive, worldwide and royalty free license to copy, display, use and transmit on and via the Internet Your website content in connection with Internet Saver's performance or enforcement of this Agreement.

Availability of Services

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Internet Saver shall attempt to provide the Services for twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week throughout the term of this Agreement. You agree that from time to time the Services may be inaccessible or inoperable for any reason, including, without limitation: (i) equipment malfunctions; (ii) periodic maintenance procedures or repairs that Internet Saver may undertake from time to time; or (iii) causes beyond the control of Internet Saver or that are not reasonably foreseeable by Internet Saver, including, without limitation, interruption or failure of telecommunication or digital transmission links, hostile network attacks network congestion or other failures. You agree that Internet Saver has no control of availability of the Services on a continuous or uninterrupted basis.

Service Availability Guarantee.

Internet Saver offers a service uptime guarantee for the Services of 99.9% ("Service Uptime") of available time. If Internet Saver fails to maintain this level of service availability, You cannot reclaim any credit(s) or refund(s). In rare cases credits may be given for admission failures, the credit may be used only for the purchase of further products and services from Internet Saver, and is exclusive of any applicable taxes. The credit does not apply to service interruptions caused by (i) periodic scheduled maintenance or repairs that Internet Saver may undertake from time to time; (ii) errors caused by You from custom scripting or coding; (iii) outages that do not affect the appearance of the web site but merely affect access to the web site such as FTP and email; (iv) causes beyond the control of Internet Saver or that are not reasonably foreseeable by Internet Saver ; and (v) outages related to the reliability of certain programming environments. Total Service Uptime shall be solely determined by Internet Saver and shall be calculated on a monthly basis.

Web Site Content

Internet Saver will be solely reponsable for the Software, but you shall be solely responsible for the displayed content, including, without limitation, trade or service marks, images, photographs, illustrations, graphics, audio clips, video clips, email or other messages, meta tags, domain names, software and text. Your web site content shall also include any registered domain names provided by You or registered on behalf of You in connection with the Services. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, in the event You are using ad-supported hosting, in no event shall Your web site consist of the following: search results, registration, "thank you", error, email or chat pages, pages comprised primarily of other advertising or pages that contain any of the following types of content: pornographic, obscene or excessively profane content or content intended to advocate or advance computer hacking or cracking, gambling, illegal activity, drug paraphernalia, hate, violence or racial or ethnic intolerance.

SSL Certificates

Any SSL certificate You purchase from Internet Saver or its affiliates to use in conjunction with the Services provided by Internet Saver, is intended for its specific use as described in the Subscriber Agreement and will not be exported from the (Virtual Dedicated) server to be used with any other web hosting service. If You are using an SSL certificate on a web site hosted by Internet Saver, Internet Saver will generate and securely store a corresponding private key.

For security reasons, at no time will Internet Saver release Your private key, even if You request it. If You wish to export Your SSL certificate for use on a non Internet Saver server, You will need to make a request to Internet Saver no earlier than 30 days after Your initial SSL subscription began. After Your account with Internet Saver has been canceled, You will have thirty (30) days to follow the Starfield Secure Certificate Registration Process and request a re-key of the SSL certificate, or Your SSL certificate will become invalid.

Information Shared with Partners

As a condition of purchasing and using the Services, You acknowledge and agree that Internet Saver may provide Your personal information to their partners, as required to provide the plans for which You are purchasing.

2. Your Obligations

You acknowledge and agree that Internet Saver shall have the right to seek justification in connection with Your use of the Services.

Upon the expiration of Your initial hosting service term and Software agreement, Your hosting service and Software agreement shall automatically renew for the same period of time and Your payment method shall be charged for the renewal term on the renewal date. You acknowledge and agree that in the event You do not desire to automatically renew Your hosting services for the same period of time, it is Your responsibility and obligation to contact us via the account manager and inform us to turn off the default renewal and Your failure to access Your account manager and manually select to renew on a per annum basis shall be deemed acceptance of the renewal term.

You represent and warrant to Internet Saver that: Your Content does not and shall not contain any content, materials, data, work, trade or service mark, trade name, link, advertising or services that actually or potentially violate any applicable law or regulation or infringe or misappropriate any proprietary, intellectual property, contract or tort right of any person and that You own Your website content and all proprietary or intellectual property rights therein, or have express written authorization from the owner to copy, use and display the content on and within Your web site. You also warrant that the web site being hosted by Internet Saver will not be used in connection with any illegal activity.

If You are hosting Your web site on Internet Saver's servers, You are responsible for ensuring that there is no excessive overloading on Internet Saver's DNS or servers. In the event that You exceed Your allotted bandwidth or disk space and thereby overload Internet Saver's DNS or servers, You shall be assessed any and all fees, costs and penalties associated with such overloading. You may not use Internet Saver's servers and Your web site as a source, intermediary, reply to address, or destination address for mail bombs, Internet packet flooding, packet corruption, denial of service, or other abusive activities. Server hacking or other perpetration of security breaches is prohibited and Internet Saver reserves the right to remove sites that contain information about hacking or links to such information. Use of your web site as an anonymous gateway is prohibited. Internet Saver prohibits the use of software or scripts run

You agree not to engage in unacceptable use of any Services, which includes, without limitation, use of the Services to: (i) disseminate or transmit unsolicited messages, chain letters, unsolicited commercial email, or unreasonably large volumes of email on a daily basis, provided, Internet Saver, in its sole discretion, may permit You, if You have a legitimate purpose and after request, to send more email than Internet Saver's standard STMP relay limit; (ii) disseminate or transmit any material that, to a reasonable person may be abusive, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, harassing, grossly offensive, vulgar, threatening or malicious; (iii) disseminate or transmit files, graphics, software or other material, data or work that actually or potentially infringes the copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other intellectual property right of any person; (iv) create a false identity or to otherwise attempt to mislead any person as to the identity, source or origin of any communication; (v) export, re-export or permit downloading of any message or content in violation of any export or import law, regulation or restriction of the United States and its agencies or authorities, or without all required approvals, licenses and/or exemptions; (vi) interfere, disrupt or attempt to gain unauthorized access to any computer system, server, network or account for which You do not have authorization to access or at a level exceeding Your authorization; (vii) disseminate or transmit any virus, trojan horse or other malicious, harmful or disabling data, work, code or program; (viii) engage in any other activity deemed by Internet Saver to be in conflict with the spirit or intent of this Agreement or any Internet Saver policy; or (ix) use Your server as an "open relay" or similar purposes.

Internet Saver prohibits the running of a public recursive DNS service on any Internet Saver server. All recursive DNS servers must be secured to allow only internet network access or a limited set of IP addresses. Internet Saver actively scans for the presence of public DNS services and reserves the right to remove any servers from the network that violate this restriction.

Storage and Security

At all times, You shall bear full risk of loss and damage to your web site and all of Your web site content. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your password and account information. You agree that you are solely responsible for all acts, omissions and use under and charges incurred with Your account or password or in connection with the Site or any of Your web site content displayed, linked, transmitted through or stored on the Server. You shall be solely responsible for undertaking measures to: (i) prevent any loss or damage to Your web site content; (ii) maintain independent archival and backup copies of Your web site content; (iii) ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of all your web site content transmitted through or stored on Internet Saver servers; and (iv) ensure the confidentiality of Your password. Internet Saver's servers and (Virtual Dedicated) services are not an archive and Internet Saver shall have no liability to You or any other person for loss, damage or destruction of any of Your content. You shall at all times use the Services as a conventional and/or traditional web site. You shall not use the Service in any way, in Internet Saver's sole discretion, that shall impair the functioning or operation of Internet Saver's Services or equipment. Specifically by way of example and not as a limitation, You shall not use the Services as a repository or instrument for placing or storing archived files and/or material that can be downloaded through other web sites.

In the event You terminate, moving your web site off of the Internet Saver (Virtual Dedicated) servers is Your responsibility. Internet Saver will not transfer or FTP Your web site to another provider. In the event Your use of the Services is terminated, Internet Saver will not transfer or manage Your Services or Your website content.

Before continuing you MUST understand and agree all the legal requirements set on this site, including the above.

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